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engineeringtutorial.com_power-system-interview-question-and-answers_power-system-interview-question-and-answersGood morning Culver City —

As I have alluded to here, I’m currently at the beginning of my next life adventure — in this case, further treatment for glial blastoma.

I awoke this morning more alive, more “in tune,” more feeling-in-touch with my muse, the physical world around me, myself, my family — more than I have since I was in my early 20s and in full wonderment mode about the world, and than I have since that magic day in October 1988 when I watched my daughter coming into this sweet world. I have no idea what is going on, but it is spectacular. I awoke in the middle of the night last night and for almost an hour I read online oncology journal articles by the doctor I’m seeing this morning, Dr. Timothy Clousey. And I could mostly follow them, get the meat of them, and I am SO excited to see this man this morning and be able to PARTICIPATE in what I will come upon in this new adventure of my life. With joy. And awe. Is this REALLY going to be the new normal? Bring it on, please, bring it on. I simply cannot believe how I feel. I was going to type, “how good I feel,” but that’s nowhere near good. enough.

One of the things that is enhanced, and is enhancing my recovery, is this new appreciation I have of physical place, and how (Crossroads particularly come to mind), places where people gather with common cause, end up littered with the bits of those transactions, and become repositories, libraries if you will, of the spirit of human connectivity. I think about all the various cultures (some like Latin America and China where I’ve seen it, and some like India and the Mediterranean where I’ve read about it) where for millennia people have built small cairns to mark such an intersection, and then they are tended to. A recent NYT book review included the new “Bad Ass Librarians of Timbuktu” and I see that exact spirit at work — and how threatening it is to the malignant forces at loose in the world that they can actually feel it, see it and realize that they must find such repositories and destroy them.

Certainly I’m not the first in the world to have this epiphany, and I’d like to read more from people who HAVE had it, and who bring more/different/informed views.

I found Murray Bookchin, and have no reference points for him other than what I see in Wikipedia. I confess I immediately grit my teeth when I see the word “libertarian,” perhaps because I cannot divorce that word from “Rand.” But I am curious to know whether Bookchin would be a good place to start (his Wikipedia entry is attractive aside from that one word!!!) and/or if there’s some other entry point any of you would recommend.

As a point of personal reference for where this comes from, from me….

Much of my life I have played pickup basketball. There are tatty-to-palatial gyms around that hold this sort of spatial/place magic for me. They also have another property that I have been trying to describe precisely to myself. Here’s a precis:

Any man or woman can win a pickup basketball game if they are willing to go in low and hard. With the venom of “WIN!!” I believe that to be a truth about (perhaps) all human transactions. The effect of this on a space is: if I am in a gym, I can have my back turned to the door, and when I hear it bang open, and a new woman or man walks in, I can instantly and accurately feel: “cool — a new player, and I am going to love to find out how this person navigates our shared space and the skills/passions they bring” — or I can instantly feel and even hear the clangor of “serpent!”

So I humbly ask the collective wisdom of Culver City, which is EXACTLY such a place for me in my life — how can I find out more about this? And perhaps equally as important – thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!

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