District and Education Foundation Approve New Agreement

agreementAlthough they have worked hand-in-glove for years, the Culver City Unified School District and the Culver City Education Foundation now have a new agreement that solidifies the relationship between the two and outlines a path for future success.

Approved by the Board of Education and the CCEF Board of Trustees, the agreement outlines a methodology for fundraising and calls for periodic updates between the two organizations. The agreement also outlines advocacy guidelines that will keep the Education Foundation from supporting or opposing candidates for the Board of Education and taking positions on ballot measures that may be contrary to the District.

“This collaboratively developed document demonstrates the importance of our relationship with CCEF and affirms the significant, positive impact the foundation has on our students and staff,” said Superintendent Dave LaRose. “This agreement ensures we will be intentional about our work with CCEF to pursue goals and practices that best serve the needs, hopes and dreams of our students.”

“I am pleased that the Board of Education has formalized our excellent relationship with the Culver City Education Foundation, which has been a significant supporter of CCUSD programs for many years,” said CCUSD Board Member Sue Robins. “As a member of the committee that developed this document, I am so pleased that the outcome was a collaboratively developed agreement that defines our relationship and publicly and formally states our intent to continue working together for the improvement and enhancement of academic and personal growth opportunities for all of our students.”

The agreement goes on to cover everything from communications and use of facilities to insurance and indemnification. Putting the existing “handshake” agreement in writing makes the relationship more intentional, said LaRose, adding that it creates a framework for future superintendents, boards of education and boards of trustees to fall back on when working together in the future.

“CCEF has partnered with the CCUSD School Board and Superintendent since 1981,” said Leslie Adler, CCEF’s Executive Director. “In order to strengthen this vital enduring partnership, we need to accurately reflect the terms and conditions of our mutual interests with an agreement between the parties so that CCEF can continue to meet its fundraising goals for ALL our students.”

The agreement is another in a long line of cooperative efforts between the District and its primary fundraising organization.

“Having the School Board formally recognize their partnership with CCEF highlights our vital role in helping the District meet its goals and priorities,” said Wendy Hamill, CCEF Board President. “CCEF celebrates the positive and productive working relationship that we share with CCUSD.”

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