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Light-bulb-0003-300x198Will Scott Wyant make a good City Councilman? Yes he will…you can believe it!

I have known City Council candidate Scott Wyant and his wife Leslie for over 30 years. We met as work mates, but quickly became best mates. Our close friendship has continued over the years, especially after my wife and I moved to Culver City in 2009.

I’d like to relay a story that will tell you a little about Scott’s character. Before moving to Culver City in 1990, I asked Scott why he chose to move to “The Heart of Screenland.” I clearly remember his answer to this day because it made quite an impression on me. Scott remarked that he wanted to live in a city in which he could have a say. A smaller municipality (as compared to LA) in which he could get to know the people who would not only determine the fate of the city, but also the direction of the Culver City schools (in which his young daughter Molly would be attending).

Over the years, I have personally seen Scott’s dedication to our city and its residents. As a member of the Planning Commission for the past 7 years, Scott spends many hours pouring over research materials, making sure he knows all the facts before making a decision. He also LISTENS to all constituents, whether they are residents, city employees or from the business community. And he listens to everyone – not just those who agree with him. It has always been my belief that great leaders LISTEN more than they TALK, and Scott does just that. He only wants what’s best for the city, and I’ve never known anyone who is more dedicated, fair, collaborative and hard-working than Scott Wyant.

I truly believe that Scott is a candidate who will represent ALL of Culver City, and he is truly ready to sit on the City Council. With his experience and knowledge, he’ll “hit the ground running” on his first day of office. My wife and I will be voting for Scott…a true friend and man of character.

Leonard Koss

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Dear Editor,

    I have known Scott Wyant for several years. We currently serve together on the Culver City Centennial Celebration Board of Directors and Scott also serves with me on Marketing Sub-Committee. On our committee his expertise and knowledge of the Internet and website design and maintenance has been invaluable as he is the liaison with our centennial website design firm.
    I’m writing to express my support him now for Culver City Council. Scott’s willingness to volunteer his time and energy to Culver City over the long term and his and his knowledge of the intricacies of city government and operation make him the perfect candidate for a seat on the city council. He will be fully prepared and ready to serve from day one. From his participation on the Planning Commission and on the centennial celebration board he has demonstrated his ability and willingness to be an unselfish team player.
    Culver City will have to pass an important budget within a month of the election Scott is the only new candidate who won’t need on-the-job training.
    Scott has spent years as a neighborhood advocate and leader in Culver City government

    Scott is someone I trust with Culver City’s future.

    Judy Scott

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