LCAP Survey – Your Input is Crucial for Our Schools

colored-pencils-pencils-22186558-1600-1200The CCUSD Local Control Accountability Plan describes the overall vision for our students, our annual goals and strategic actions needed to achieve the goals. If you have an educational priority, make it known!

The LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan) is our district’s plan for goals and how we will allocate money to meet those goals. The funds that each school receives from the state are at the discretion of the individual school and district to spend as they see fit. Below is a link to a survey. Please take a moment to fill it out. This is your chance to let CCUSD know how you would like to see money spent.

CCUSD continues to engage students, parents, employees, educators and the community in developing our plans through this year’s survey, and we are asking again for our community’s help to ensure we receive all of our stakeholders’ perspectives.

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