Lin Howe Wins Greener World Grant from Sony

f7aa417c-b050-4149-b5cf-424d026a267aLinwood Howe is proud to be the recipient of a Sony Pictures Greener World Grant. Sony Pictures developed the Greener World Grant to give its employees worldwide the opportunity to submit an application for a grant to be used to fund a sustainable project. The grant offers the studio’s employees the ability to give to causes they care about and to play an active part in improving the communities in which they live.
Linwood Howe will be using the grant funds to build an Outdoor Classroom in the kindergarten yard. (artist’s rendering above) The Outdoor Classroom will enable our students to have an outdoor group learning experience—an extension of our traditional classroom setting and a way to further bring to life the school’s various green initiatives. Plans for the Outdoor Classroom call for a multi-functional space featuring a four-tiered deck, native plants, and new shade tree. It will provide a natural gathering space for presentations, teaching, and learning for all of Linwood Howe’s students and the children who attend after school programs here as well.

The school is dedicating this Outdoor Classroom to Leah Nico, (pictured above with her youngest,) beloved Linwood Howe parent who passed away unexpectedly on October 1, 2015. Leah was a leader and pioneer of our school’s environmental movement and developing this space had long been a goal of hers. Construction is scheduled to begin the first week of Spring Break 2016 with planting and work on a sunrise mural occurring in April.
Linwood Howe is also excited to announce further collaboration with Sony Pictures, which selected the school as the host for the studio’s Global Volunteer Day! Each year, hundreds of Sony Pictures volunteers participate in Sony Global Volunteer Day, a day in which Sony employees around the world give back to their community. On April 15, more than 100 Sony Pictures volunteers will bring their shovels, paint brushes, and elbow grease to Linwood Howe to work on a variety of projects from painting murals to planting to constructing new benches and seating areas. Linwood Howe will be receiving a makeover this spring thanks to the generosity and partnership of Sony Pictures and all the committed parent volunteers who help make these projects happen.

– Jen Conlon

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