Dear Editor – Voting by Mail? Check Wyant

Light-bulb-0003-300x198If you are a Permanent Absentee Voter you have already received your ballot this week for the April 12, 2016 Culver City municipal election. Whether you are voting by mail or you are voting on Election Day, I urge you to join with me, and my fellow Council members Jeff Cooper, and Jim Clarke, in voting for Scott Wyant.

Scott has been a friend and ally of mine for many years. I know his commitment to Culver City runs deep, and his ability to serve our community is unquestionable. Scott has always been willing to speak up and say what he believes, even if that doesn’t make him the most popular person in the room. It is that type of backbone and leadership this City needs, and it is the way I have endeavored to lead as a City Councilmember over the course of my eight years in office.

This election has many candidates, but only Scott has earned the support of the Culver City Firefighters, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, the Culver City Employees Association (CCEA), the Beverly Hills/ Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors® (BHGLAAR), and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). Scott has a broad coalition of support which reflects his open minded approach to local government. He is also supported by Board of Education members Dr. Steven Levin and Anne Allaire-Burke, and many other current and past elected and appointed officials.

If you want to continue the balanced approach I have taken on the City Council, I can think of no better person to carry on my legacy than Scott Wyant.

I urge you to vote for Scott Wyant for Culver City City Council on April 12.

Andy Weissman

The Actors' Gang


  1. I respectfully suggest that a vote for Scott Wyant is a vote to continue the dominance of city government by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce. Let’s return the city to its residents and vote for no candidate closely associated with the Chamber. The same goes for Erickson, in my opinion.

  2. My apologies for misspelling Eriksson’s name, but my opinion has not changed. Mr. Eriksson will support the interests of the Chamber of Commerce above those of city residents, and that is why the Chamber has endorsed him and Wyant. We can do better.

  3. The businesses of Culver City are stakeholders in Culver City. Businesses provide the majority of the city’s operating funds. Both residents and businesses should have a voice in Culver City so both can benefit. The schools, parks, and government departments are not solely responsible for our city’s prosperity and property values. The companies that call Culver City home share credit for the City’s success.

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