Firefighters and Students Join Wyant Coalition

240a5fdd-d7e6-43ae-afc2-afd9e87e7978Scott Wyant has secured more key endorsements this week with the addition of the Culver City Firefighters as well as winning the ‘Ask to Know’ straw poll conducted after hearing presentations from City Council candidates. Participants of the poll included high school, middle school and elementary school students from Culver City. Firefighters and students alike support Scott Wyant.
Wyant said of the outpouring of support, “Firefighters are some of the most admired people in our community, and rightly so. I am deeply honored to have received their collective vote of confidence, and will be a staunch defender of our city employees across the board. I am also pleased that the future leaders of our have selected me as the candidate they would support. The momentum in our campaign continues to build and I am working hard to earns everyone’s support and vote.”
These votes of confidence come on the heels of the votes of support from the Culver City Employees Association (CCEA); the Chamber of Commerce; the Beverly Hills / Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors (BHGLAAR); and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA). Board of Education President Dr. Steven Levin and Board Member Anne Allaire-Burke have also joined the Scott Wyant team.
Scott Wyant’s broad coalition of support is a testament to his common-sense approach to solving the issues facing Culver City. Scott’s background in planning, technology and city services were key reasons cited by firefighters and students as to why they support Scott Wyant. Scott’s ability to build bridges has allowed him to put together one of the strongest and widest political coalitions in Culver City.
For more information about the candidate please visit Scott’s campaign

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