Ballona Creek Rennaissance Honors Long Time Volunteers Walden and Edward

12805722_956941824389499_5092589340360415718_nAt its January 26th board meeting, BCR honored two special long-time volunteers, Lucy Edward and former board member June Walden. BCR Presdent Amy Rosenstein and BCR President Emeritus Jim Lamm presented June (pictured next to Amy) and Lucy (next to Jim) with personalized certificates of appreciation, which highlighted the varied contributions of each since the very early 2000s.
About Lucy: “If an experienced volunteer was needed to help register creek cleanup volunteers, oversee children playing our educational games, explaining the watershed and our work to BCR booth visitors, or helping in creekside native garden care or plantings, Lucy was there, and usually by walking…” (from her certificate)
And now June: “Whether as an active board member or not, June has hosted neighborhood outreach gatherings at her creekside home in addition to mini-retreats. She also has served in just about every capacity as she shared her teaching experience and knowledge and love of nature at plantings, cleanups, walks, field trips, special events, wetlands workshops, schools, creekside mini-tours from Ecostation, and more!” (from her certificate)
As we share our heartfelt thanks to Lucy and June, who enjoy a long-time friendship as creekside neighbors, we’re grateful that they still remain on call! Watch in the coming months for special recognition for others, including two special board members who have served since our beginning years: the amazing Mim Shapiro and, newly opting off the board and onto the advisory council, the omnipresent Gerald Sallus!

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