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business-onlineHey Culver City Crossroads readers! We have been doing some site clean up, and noticed that there are a whole lot of requests for the RSS feed that have not been completed. If you have tried to sign up, but did not get the confirmation email, please check your spam filters, or just restart the process. We would love to have a solid 700 subscribers, but there are several dozen ‘not completed’ that look legit, and just need one more click to roll over into the ‘complete’ column.

Signing up for the RSS feed means that Culver City Crossroads will come to your email inbox every weekday afternoon at about 3 pm. We think that’s  the ideal moment to find out what’s happening, share a post with a friend or on Facebook, maybe buy some tickets, volunteer for your community, find the address of a great event, or choose an eatery to enjoy.

And speaking of legit – we’ve been dealing with a number of ‘hack attacks’ over the last months, so if you have tried to log on and been bumped, that’s what’s been happening. It’s nothing local, and we certainly don’t imagine that anyone in Culver City is trying to cause problems for us. It’s typically robots trying to break passwords, thinking we must be storing financial info – and we don’t, all that goes through PayPal, where we process your donations through a very strong firewall. So, no one is getting your email address or financial info. These things just happen from time to time, and it’s one of the risks of doing business online.

And if you sign up for the RSS feed, you won’t even have to encounter it. We put a tremendous amount of effort into this site, and all of your support is appreciated. Subscriptions are available for free, but a donation in any amount is very much appreciated. So, thanks for subscribing, thanks for your patience when we have technical diffculites, and thanks for reading Culver City Crossroads. (Go and click all the clicks, and enjoy.)

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