Heal the Bay Seeking Signatures to Keep the Coastal Commission Current

big-sur-california-coastlineHeal the Bay needs your help today to protect the California coastline. Please sign our petition supporting the current leadership of the Coastal Commission – the public agency committed to safeguarding the coast for all Californians.
Here’s the story: A few members of the 12-person panel are pursuing the removal of its Executive Director, Dr. Charles Lester. It’s still unclear what he’s done to risk losing his job. But monied interests are watching closely to see if the commission moves to name a more development-friendly chief.
Dr. Lester’s got a tough job. He faces daily pressure from developers to build in some of the hottest real estate markets in the nation, while juggling persistent advocacy from environmentalists to preserve the last natural stretches of California’s coast. We can’t say we’ve agreed with every decision he’s made. But we’ve worked closely with him and he’s done a good job of bringing parties together to seek realistic compromise. His recent accomplishments include:
Fighting private interests to guarantee free, public access to 840 miles of pristine coastline
Requiring Sea World to phase-out of captive orca breeding programs in California
Championing a Local Coastal Program for the Santa Monica Mountains that protects open space
As an ocean-lover, this work matters to you. You can help fight special interests and guard our precious coast by signing Heal the Bay’s petition supporting Dr. Lester. He faces a Feb. 10 public hearing that will decide his fate. Now is the time for people to stand up for fairness and strong stewardship. Let’s not let the monied few dictate policy for the many along our coast!

SIGN our petition supporting Dr. Lester and a strong Coastal Commission
www.change.org/p/california-coastal-commission-protect-the-california-coastal-commission recruiter=398558872&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
 – Heal the Bay 

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