CC Foodie – Sunny Blue Celebrates One Year

Mentaiko_omusubi_2-8-15Sunny Blue, Culver City’s very own locally owned and run Omusubi shop on West Washington is having their one year anniversary party this Saturday, January 30 from 6 to 9 pm.
If you have not been, you must go. In Japan, people of all ages eat omusubi everyday like we eat sandwiches here in the United States. Each rice omusubi has it’s own filling & furikake pairing. The furikake, a dry Japanese rice seasoning, is what is sprinkled on top of the rice ball. Miso beef, spicy salmon, curry and eggplant – there are many flavor to enjoy, both familiar and (possibly) brand new. Can’t decide? Get the Futatsu Combo, two omasubi and a side.  The anniversary special offer includes a  buy one, get one free option, so come hungry.

御目出度う!And we mean that!


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