Culver Hotel to Host Wyant Council Fundraiser

6cb741_272c62c1d5c74984830bc4311167c867“We need a realistic plan for addressing our future needs and for creating high-quality jobs to fuel our economy. Above all, we must protect our quality of life. If we’re going to have this kind of Culver City, people need to get involved.” Scott Wyant, after seven years on the Planning Commission, is running for City Council. His first fundraiser will be at the Culver Hotel on January 31, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, with a Super Bowl pool, live music and mystery prizes.

Scott, his wife Leslie Spanier-Wyant and their daughter Molly moved to Culver City 26 years ago, when our city was still the unknown jewel of the Westside.  They’ve watched and worked as we’ve become the vibrant hub we are today.  Alongside Leslie, an education professional, Scott volunteered at our local public schools.  In 2003, Scott started his own small business in Culver City, serving as a technology consultant and advisor to the private sector, educational institutions and individuals.  A two term Planning Commissioner, he’s also nearing the end of an eight-year term on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce; served four years on the Board of the Culver City Education Foundation; and as the elected Secretary of Culver City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative Advisory Committee, he advocated for pedestrians and recreational bicyclists.

“Can we achieve a balance between continuing to improve our city, while preserving what makes it special?  Will we ensure that there is enough money to maintain our streets, our parks, our schools, our water, power and sewage systems?   Can we succeed at creating and attracting 21st century jobs and businesses, while protecting our quality of life? The answers to these important questions will determine whether Culver City continues to thrive,” according to Wyant, whose supporters include three of the sitting council members, Andy Weissman, Jeff Cooper and Jim Clarke, as well as our own Jozelle Smith.

Tickets are available at!rsvp-for-fundraiser/qo3iq

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