Dear Editor – Red Light Tickets and Rolling Right Stops

Light-bulb-0003-300x198For California Motorists Concerned about Red Light Camera Tickets:

This is my first Legislative Alert since June 2015. I hope you will read this and contact your State representatives in Sacramento today or Monday.

This is the time of year when new legislation is introduced in
Sacramento – and there is a brand new bill that needs your support.
It is SB 681, and if passed it will reduce the fine for rolling right
tickets. Next Tuesday it is coming to a crucial hearing in the Senate
Appropriations Committee, so our senators need to hear from us either
today or Monday.

Some info about SB 681 is on the Action/Legis page at my site, The URL is . After you have
read more about SB 681, please phone your State Senator (and your
Assemblyperson too) and tell them how you would like them to vote. You
can get their phone numbers here –
It’s easy – and quick – to call a state legislator’s office – it’s one
of the few places anymore where a live person answers the phone after
just a few rings.



The Actors' Gang


  1. Why on earth would I want to lower the fine for such a dangerous and illegal practice as rolling through a stop sign? Thanks for the heads up, I am going to immediately contact my rep and express my opposition to this measure.

  2. I have to agree Warren – I just experienced someone doing that in a very crowded school zone. When you see the yellow light bulb, know that’s an opinion.

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