Tweens Volleyball to Start Jan. 17

70a2a680e0c4d0f8866dab2a5d91b85765fb2d59“Tweens Volleyball” for girls, ages 8-14, prepares young players for club volleyball. Practice sessions will be held 2:00-4:00 pm on weekends, starting Jan. 17, at the Culver City Middle School basketball and volleyball gyms.
“A single season of Tweens Volleyball is often enough preparation for a player to make a club volleyball team,” said Culver Volleyball Club director Marty Siegal.
“It’s an introductory program, but practices are serious and participants are expected to work hard, improve and have a great time.”
Siegal also is seeking a volleyball coach for second through fourth graders. The coach will teach rules, skills and fundamentals with energy and enthusiasm for young students of the game, according to Siegal.
For information on Tweens Volleyball and working for the Culver Volleyball Club, contact Siegal at 310-488-6811. Website is

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