Dear Editor – Democratic Embarassment

Light-bulb-0003-300x198In the October 2015 newsletter of the Culver City Democratic Club, club officer Pat Levinson wrote, “as Anne Burke ended her concluding statement, she remarked that she was ‘the only candidate of color’ for the Board election. Huh? Don’t keep us in suspense, Anne. Which color is that?”

Wow. That kind of small-minded bigotry from Ms. Levinson has no place in Culver City. Anne Burke is the first person in her family who went to college. She is also a minority. These are facts.

What would motivate Ms. Levinson to stoop to that level?

Pat goes on to say, “Truly why should that matter, anyhow?” Any true Democrat would understand that the Democrats have been champions of inclusion for decades. Any true Democrat would understand the value of diversity – particularly in the case of as experienced, well-qualified and thoughtful an individual as Anne Burke.

Why would the club print such ugly commentary in their official newsletter? The Culver City Democratic Club trumpets the cause of diversity when it suits its purpose. Apparently it’s an inconvenient fact this time around.

What an embarrassment to all Democrats.

Laura Stuart

The Actors' Gang

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