Sony Gets Pitches from CCMS Young Movie Makers

hLj1zUR1aXjoNWhTHGpMIMGwcUJmes9GgVCjvBGEiHAZGxrH4AVeKUq2cCKdPM7N2lt4FC6xCcnj-igBvFxuBSYV-V_iJgjTy2378R2yZ3EpOjt_HYpSDtm_3lsUjxL-AI4b=s0-d-e1-ftCulver City Middle School’s Young Movie Makers met recently to pitch their movies to actual Sony executives on campus, pitching their movies with confidence and passion.

Following their pitches, students got a tour of the Sony Pictures lot, enjoyed lunch on a private patio on the lot and enjoyed a big screening in the Jimmy Dean private screening room. These students have been working incredibly hard with their high school mentors and folks from The Young Story Tellers Foundations (YSF) all year.

Over two semesters, students have created a short film in pairs using the 3-2-1 exercise (3 pages, 2 actors, 1 location). Young Movie Makers has guided the students through the production of their film by using group activities, high school mentors, professional mentors, and hands-on experience. Professional actors will perform in the films, while the students act as writers, directors and cinematographers.

This year-long, 22-week program culminated in both a screening for family and friends, as well as the creation of a trailer for the film that the students pitched to industry producers. The Young Movie Makers program at CCMS incorporates the curriculum of the Script to Stage program, reinforcing grade 6, 7 and 8 language arts standards. High school students join adults and act as mentors, which teaches peer mentorship and reinforces the principles of YSF’s Script to Stage program and Movie Makers for high school alumni.

– Culver Currents

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