Daughter Tells Ballerina’s Tale – Mother’s Day on PBS SoCal

9hVswTaGTvxCMID1emePtg7V6zine9UvsPBVnjn0po8“Mia: A dancer’s journey,” will have a special Mother’s Day airing this weekend.

The film details the life of beloved Croatian ballerina, Mia Slavenksa, produced by her daughter, Culver City’s Maria Ramas. Mia overcame adversity and exile to pursue her life’s passion, ballet, and her impact is still felt on the dance world today. Through this film Mia’s daughter, Maria, pays tribute to her mother’s legacy and proves that Mia’s story is still relevant. Mia spent a great deal of time in Los Angeles, performing in Hollywood and regularly teaching dance classes at UCLA and Cal Arts.

From Tbe New York Times, Shortly before Mia Slavenska died in 2002, Maria Ramas, her daughter, made a promise: to tell her story. “She had spent many years feeling, as many artists do who outlive their fame and their time of creativity, that the dance world wouldn’t remember her and her contribution,” Ms. Ramas said in an interview. “It was really difficult for her to make peace with that.” Ten years later, “Mia, a Dancer’s Journey,” a collaboration by Ms. Ramas and the filmmaker Kate Johnson, was born.

The moving story of Ms. Slavenska is a reminder of how easily history can slip away in the ephemeral N2q7_ubYETu24jbkRkn2zvyyswWiPgRt5sMd1z6HirMworld of dance. Best known as a member of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, Slavenska was a glamorous beauty with strong shoulders, steely legs and a sparkling, virtuosic technique. She was more than a ballerina — a dancer who embraced modern ideas.”

This beautiful story of mother and daughter will air on PBS SoCaL on Mother’s Day, May 10, at 4pm.


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