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water-savingWhile the drought is a crisis that touches every part of life in California, 57% of Culver City’s water use is residential. The conversation about Big Ag, and statewide water conservation does matter, but it’s vital for Culver City to focus on the kind of conservation we can effect locally. Since June the State Water Board has been collecting residential usage data.

Comparing this year against last, this is how Culver City saved water. It’s displayed in Residential gallons per capita per day (R-GPCD)- it is how many gallons each person uses a day.


R-GPCD           June   July   Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb
2014 /2015          130   129    124     85    78     73      57      65      65
2013 / 2014         128   129    130    88     83     78      71     67      70

Aside from one month, our torrential December of 2014 where the savings reached 19%, Culver City’s residences have failed to approach last years goal of reducing water use 20%.
This graph also shows the seasonal difference of water use. Outdoor watering is one of the dominant factors of seasonal variation.

Tonight (April 13, 2015) the Culver City Council will be considering the effectiveness of conservation and whether it should take action to help.

Monthly Urban Water Supplier report:

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