Enid Wizig – No Limits on a Volunteer Par Excellence

H7uMvVI6_7U3jXoPCZt8keOwR-UrvOfCmkSH0jf2uxJDc9xxIFerDjZwiSTRotjZTumpPRM2DLNDq9W6prXfwWIhgqW8hBMjQd1p76_MiIzwXBSRtd3mR_jngeqV-LvT6mT_HH97doi-u2P4HsIv2V1_q_GLDks0PWWtfHj6xGm7khidx3SFT9MVWTLZEEUNE9h2GLIinZeSSgWzsF4RwThere are volunteers, and then there are the volunteers. Some people in Culver City put in some serious time on the things they believe in, and no one has given more to No Limits for Deaf Children than Enid Wizig.

Enid has been volunteering for 20 years, and considering that this Saturday, March 14, is Enid’s 92nd birthday, that’s saying something.  Enid herself suffers from hearing loss, and she’s been coming in to No Limits for Deaf Children twice a week to help out.

Elizabeth Sanchez, the executive assistant at the program, was effusive in her praise, noting that “She is a great role model for the kids. She’s got a heart of gold.”

Much of her volunteer time goes into theater and costumes for the children. She actually created the theater program in 2000 with their first play “Above and Beyond.”

Enid was delighted to get things going. She said “Rehearsing with the young actors was a wonderful experience – seeing them learn their lines and acting out their characters meant so much to me. I watched the transition as the kids gained confidence to act on stage in front of hundreds of people. Their courage helped me see that I could do it, too.”

The staff and the children at No Limits are grateful for her enthusiasm and energy.”Really, ” Sanchez exclaimed, “she leaves the rest of us in the dust. She’s always reflecting with the kids about how they are and what they do.”

Wizig loves to volunteer and has never said no – so far. ” I have never let my hearing loss limit my ability to make a difference in my family, the community or the world.”

“Above & Beyond, “the first play in the theater program” was performed at ACME Theater in the Summer of 2000. It was a play about her life. There were 14 rehearsals and she attended each one.

She worked at Warner Brothers for 4 1/2 years and was one of the first women animators of all time. (She was very sad about the recent loss of her great friend Martha Sigall, also a former Warner Brothers animator and a very active contributor to the community.)

Enid Wizig is also a mother, with her son Jeff and her daughter Lynn both proud of all her accomplishments.

Proving that there are no limits at No Limits for Deaf Children, Enid plans to be there through her next birthday, and many more after that.

Where did Enid find this program to channel her volunteer energy into? No Limits for deaf children  No Limits was founded in 1996 by Michelle Christie, Ed.D, a teacher for the deaf with over 18 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Through role-playing, cultivating creativity, and developing public speaking skills, No Limits children began to confidently move into the hearing world.

In 2002, the No Limits Educational Center opened in Culver City. The Center provides services for low-income school-age deaf children and their families. Services include: individual therapy, academic tutoring, literacy, STEM, arts enrichment, parent education, audiological services, and a Leadership and Mentoring Academy for teens.  As a result of the comprehensive No Limits program, children who are deaf or hard of hearing are learning essential skills that will allow them to attend college and become successful, productive members of society.

What would Enid like for her birthday? Well, she’d be very pleased to have you donate to www.nolimitsfordeafchildren.org and dedicate your donation to the Enid Wizig Scholarship Fund, which Enid started 15 years ago to help provide free services to economically disadvantaged deaf children.


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  1. We LOVE this article! Thank you so much for your time and efforts. Grandma Enid is our true hero. We love Culver City Crossroads!

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