Non-Profit Volunteer Day @ CCHS Gives Students the Place to Sign Up

10922451_1012891358738146_1829133307939742038_nFebruary 6, 2015 was a special day at CCHS. This is the second year that City Council member Jim Clarke has organized ‘Non-Profit Volunteer Day’ at the Culver City High School Campus to offer students a way to connect with organizations that can get them started on the joys of volunteering.

“We have 25 non-profit organizations participating – five more than last year – and the entire student body gets involved,” stated Clarke.  The event provides an opportunity for the students to learn more about and get interested in the non-profit organizations that provide services to Culver City residents and to sign up with these organizations to complete their community service hours requirement. We found the event also affords the opportunity for the non-profits to get to know each other and explore ways to collaborate.”

The project was undertaken with the student leaders Natalia Saucedo and Mia Mavromichalis and student affairs staff Dr. Carlos Valverde and Adrienne Madrid at the high school and also with the support of the CCUSD School Board. Working along with Clarke to organize and administer the event was Sierra Smith, Director of External Affairs at Antioch University and co-chair of the Culver City Chamber’s Non-Profit Committee.

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