El Rincon’s Kindness Tree Needs Community for Fruits and Branches

practice-random-kindness21This year, for the second time, the school will participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week with school-wide activities to celebrate the week. All students will be encouraged to conduct Random Acts of Kindness at home, in the community and at school. Additionally, the students will be creating Valenkind Cards, which will be delivered to senior citizens in the community (including residents at Meridian Assisted Living).

What does this mean to you? The school needs the community’s help to make this important event happen. We are looking for community sponsors to cover costs associated with the week. There are sponsorship opportunities starting at $25 (apple sponsor), $50 (branch sponsor) and $100 (trunk sponsor) to have either a family name or business name recognized on the Kindness Tree in the school auditorium.

If anyone needs information about supporting the event, they can email directly to the El Rincon Boosters  at [email protected] or mail a check (MUST be made payable to El Rincon Booster Club) directly to Ali McCann, RAK Week, El Rincon Elementary School, 11177 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230.

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