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019aSunny Blue, a Japanese omusubi eatery based on Main Street Santa Monica, is close to opening on the ‘restaurant row’ located on Washington Blvd in Culver City.  They already have almost all of the interior construction complete and a hiring sign on the window, so it won’t be long now. In addition to rice balls, Sunny Blue will serve salads, noodles and frozen yogurt, because hey, who doesn’t love frozen yogurt?

Omusubi (also called Onigiri) are Japanese rice balls with different fillings inside, wrapped with or without nori. Sunny Blue make omusubi fresh daily or made to order. In Japan, people of all ages eat omusubi everyday like we eat sandwiches here in the United States. As any El Marino Language School alum can tell you, onigiri are the pb&j of Japanese students – the lunchbox staple par excellence.

Omusubi is derived from a Japanese word “musubu” which means to hold together or connect. Sunny Blue is hoping to get to be a part of the community in just such a fashion, as their website says “We believe in holding hands with the local businesses and local customers while connecting with the environment.”

They really got the memo about how Culver City tries to take care of recyclables, offering a discount for customers who bring their own packaging. “We also believe in trying our best to be environmentally aware. When possible we use take out bags, boxes, cutlery made of recycled or biodegradable materials. But of course, we encourage you to bring in your own containers for us to fill. And as an incentive, we will deduct 10 cents every time you bring your own container.”

So, wipe up those bento boxes and know that you’ll have an easy place to fill them – sometime soon.

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  1. wow, just tried this after reading the post I haven’t hd such good onigiri since I lived in Japan. YUMMMMM….

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