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unnamed-2Hello Joy of Feng Shui friends,

The last month of 2014 is finally here, and I’m sure you are filled with thoughts of celebration, gift giving, and cheer. Or not. Life isn’t a fairy tale – and the reality is we all have our yin and yang years. So whatever it is, just go with it, because it can change in a moment.

This year has been full of transitions for me… and I am finally putting together the items I picked up in my 2014 journeys – new hints, new solutions. I also have been busy absorbing feng shui knowledge for the home and person. I have learned about joss papers, meditation, new chants, and amulets that can make a difference in our lives. I have some wonderful stories that I will relate on future columns that bring further credibility to my work.

Please check The Joy of Feng Shui website and take a peek at the STORE. All of the items in the STORE are listed for a reason – with proper intention, some meditation, patience, and discipline, your dreams can come true. When you purchase an item I will provide the intention and help you with the process.

As 2014 winds down we embrace 2015 on January 1. But save the date: February 4 is the Feng Shui Flying Star annual new year, and February 19 is the popular Chinese New Year. It will be the Year of The Sheep, and the 2015 protector is the Horse. Check the STORE and make sure you are prepared for the year with a Sheep and Horse amulet.

The year 2014 brought our home good health and safety, and for that we are grateful…I carry my Horse and Sheep to finish out 2014 (believe it or not, 2014 was the year of the Horse, and the Sheep was the protector). But I look forward to the new year for a fresh beginning.

Be safe, travel well, and enjoy each day,

In gratitude,

Janet Mitsui Brown
www.thejoyoffengshui.com, [email protected]

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