Tired of Racism & Violence? Deb Thorne Offers to Facilitate the Conversation

ABL-stop-racism-keysIn 1995 I led a workshop entitled, “When Black Women Get Tired!” In the workshop we talked about black women being the mothers of society; how we had raised other people’s children; how we raised our children in less than optimal circumstances; how we survived and thrived in spite of the obstacles we faced. Because When Black Women Get Tired, really tired, things happen!

Almost twenty years later I am declaring I am a TIRED black woman.

I am TIRED of our families being in jeopardy!
I am TIRED of our black boys being pushed out of school!
I am TIRED of losing our black boys to violence in our communities!
I am TIRED of losing our black boys to interactions with law enforcement!

As a teenager, I watched as much of my beloved Los Angeles went up in flames. It was the response of a despondent and disenfranchised community to the killing of a black man at the hands of the police department. In 1992, that same despondent and disenfranchised community responded again when police officers were not held accountable after the taped beating of another black man. Our city erupted again. There have been several other incidents across our nation where despondent and disenfranchised communities erupted.

The election of President Obama was seen as a giant step forward. Finally, I was no longer lying to children when encouraging them: I told them they could be anything they wanted to be, even president of the United States of America.

Yet this victory has been marred by the unprecedented disrespect of this president. Disrespect as a black man, to his family and to the Office of President of the United States.


Then there has been Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and countless others who didn’t make the headlines.


Watching our cities erupt only causes damage in our neighborhoods. Damage to property, businesses and lives. There has been a call for politicians, civil rights leaders and others to step forward and take action. There have been shouts of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe”, as protesters around the world let their displeasure be known. The protests have their place. The world is saying, “this behavior is unacceptable and all lives matter”.

Meanwhile, our boys standby anger, despondency and fear growing. What happens during their next interaction with someone in a uniform?

Our boys have not been taught how to get home alive.  I believe that should be our number one priority.  #GetOurBoysHomeAlive

  • When our boys get home alive, we have the opportunity to address any injustices that may have occurred.
  • When our boys get home alive, we can have the conversations that help them redirect their anger.
  • When our boys get home alive, the community can support them as we call for change.
  • When our boys get home alive, there is opportunity.

Let’s teach our boys how to get home alive.  #GetOurBoysHomeAlive

I am Deborah Thorne, The Information Diva.  I am also known as Ms. D to thousands of children, as the Chief Conflict Resolution Specialist for Kids First Conflict Resolution and Training Services.  As Ms. D, my experience has taught me we have not properly prepared our boys to handle conflict, nor their emotions and to get home alive.

Please join me and other TIRED black women, along with all people who believe it’s time for a solution oriented conversation.  This conversation will begin:

Thursday, December 11th.  

Call 218-862-9351  Access code 2014#

10:00 AM (PST)/1:00 PM (EST)

4:00 PM (PST)/7:00 PM (EST)

7:00 PM (PST)/10:00 PM (EST)




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