Treemap for Culver City Trees – Click Here to Add Yours

docs_1409806_tree_map_enTreePeople is excited to introduce TreeMapLA, an ambitious collaboration of nonprofits, local governments, businesses and YOU—to map every tree in Culver City.

By entering every tree’s location, species and current size, and updating its needs, we create a powerful tool to learn about our urban forest and its value, including specific environmental and economic benefits. This information will help us to manage the well-being of our region’s urban forest and make our city more livable: shadier, cleaner, safer and more beautiful, and better able to meet climate change impacts including heat, flooding and drought. Users of this information include government agencies, arborists, landscape architects, planners, students, civic organizations, and everyday citizens. With TreeMapLA, concerned citizens and tree enthusiasts can learn, communicate, and take action on behalf of the trees around us.

To get started, watch our “How to Map a Tree” video, then visit and create an account to put your trees on the map today! To find out more about Tree Mapping events throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Culver City, visit the TreeMapLA Facebook page.

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