Dear Editor – Scott Houston for Water Board

Light-bulb-0003-300x198This Tues. Voting Day we will have the opportunity to elect Scott to this little known, but very important Board.

West Basin Municipal Water District is a public agency that purchases and imports water from the Metropolitan Water District. It also recycles water that would otherwise evaporate or flow directly to the Ocean. It serves an area of 185 square miles, 17 cities in southwest Los Angeles County from Malibu to Palos Verdes, about 1 million people. Its operating and capital budget is comparable in size to that of the City of Culver City. The Board of Directors is made up of five elected officials representing separate districts.

We are choosing Scott from the field of three candidates. WHY??

We find him to be the most knowledgeable on the issues that we face in our district. The most outstanding issue is how we should deal effectively with the longstanding drought. Scott is very hardworking, dedicated, honest and smart. He has lived in the District for over 14 years. He is committed to our concerns, has strong leadership skills and will bring a fresh perspective and vision to the issues on the table. We are sure that he will continue to carry out the fine legacy of our independent Director, the late Ed Little. Scott knows that education, expanded recycling and water conservation are critical in this time of severe drought.

Scott has been endorsed by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, present and past City Council and School Board members and many other prominent people in our community.

Please join us in electing Scott Houston to the West Basin Water Board District 4 on this Tuesday. He is # 1 on your ballot.

Madeline and Paul Ehrlich

The Actors' Gang

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