UPCC – Citywide Fiber Internet Upgrade a Great Idea – For Culver City Schools!

internet_solutionsBillionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong  is urging city officials to install fiber optic upgrades in five of the city’s business districts.

“He feels this is key,” a spokesman for Soon-Shiong is quoted as saying. “He’s talked to various city officials and told them how important he thinks it is, not only to his business, but to attracting additional businesses to Culver City.”

We agree, but we’ll take it a step further: This is key to the future of our schools too.

We call on forward-thinking business leaders like Soon-Shiong to include CCUSD campuses in any upgrade program they participate in. It would be a tremendously synergistic way for Culver City’s high-tech community to build up our schools while they build up their businesses.

Parents interested in technology issues are well aware that bandwidth limitations have created problems in our district. Those problems will only get worse as technology becomes more integrated in the classroom environment and as online testing becomes more prevalent.

While CCUSD will be investing in its campus network infrastructure over the coming years to help address those issues, ultra-high-speed network connectivity would open up entirely new vistas for our students.

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Who We Are:
United Parents of Culver City (UPCC) is a parent-run, grassroots, democratic organization dedicated solely to the interests of our children- the students of Culver City. UPCC members are volunteer leaders from all five elementary schools, CCMS and CCHS and Culver Park. Members are current and former PTA and Booster Club Presidents, trustees of the Culver City Education Foundation, parent leaders and people in the community who want to make sure our schools excel.

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