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-1So, you’ve seen the ‘KSM’ logo and you are wondering what all this is about –  Straight reporting on celebrity events from youthful media mavens, trying out the trade. When Shelby O’Connell get to interview Sarah MacLachlan, this was her take on the task –

I didn’t really know much about Sarah McLachlan at first, so I had no expectations about going to her concert and interviewing her. At her concert, I had fun listening and dancing to her music while watching her perform under the colorful bright lights on the stage. I was like everyone else in the crowd, happy to be there and having fun. I could tell that Sarah was enjoying herself too, having fun on the stage singing and playing the piano and guitar. She must have really sung her heart out that night, because the next day, when we interviewed her, she had almost lost her voice.
I imagined that she hadn’t had too many interviews with kids before, but since I’ve never interviewed a famous musician either, it was new to both of us. I just tried not to pay attention to the camera, and focused on learning more about Sarah. And what I learned was that Sarah really cares about kids. She has worked hard to open a music school so that kids can have an opportunity to learn music and have a safe place to be creative and express themselves. You see, when Sarah was a kid she was bullied. She told us that music was a way that she could escape her troubles. It made her happy and she was really good at it. That’s what made her want to help kids now that she’s a successful musician, and set a good example by giving back to the community. With her music school, Sarah can really make a difference in the lives of so many kids. No matter what else is going on in their lives, they can have music to help them and make them happy.
It was a great experience reporting about Sarah McLachlan, because she is so talented and nice. She entertains millions with her music all over the world. But it is important to remember that as successful as she is now, she was once just a kid like me. Her experiences as a kid have helped her become what she is today. She makes every moment count, and I will too, by having new experiences like this one.

See the full video of Shelby’s interview with Sarah at – Everyone Deserves to be Heard

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