Tell Wendy’s “Fair Food” is What You Buy

imagesJust a few years ago, the situation in the U.S. tomato industry was so bad that one federal prosecutor called Florida “Ground-zero for modern slavery.”

But thanks to the “Fair Food Program,” an initiative with a proven track record in fighting modern slavery, we are making solid progress in fighting forced labor and labor exploitation. 90% of growers have already joined the program.

However, while four of the five largest U.S. fast-food giants have signed on, one has not — Wendy’s. Wendy’s refuses to join the Fair Food Program to ensure slavery is not in its supply chain. If Wendy’s follows the lead of McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King and Taco Bell, their immense purchasing power could help bring the last 10% of farms to the table and ensure the tomato industry never sees another case of modern slavery.

Please sign this petition now, and call on Wendy’s to fight slavery by joining the Fair Food Program. There are plenty of places to eat in Culver City that don’t use forced labor, and letting Wendy’s know why you are boycotting can help them decide to sign on to the Fair Food Program.

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