PETROfied of Oil Drilling on Our Coast? Take a Spillfie

2def46eb2b1cfaa8e92cbe84_384x445Heal the Bay is launching a social media campaign to raise awareness about the dangerous proposal to slant-drill for oil in Hermosa Beach. And we need your face–but not your usual sultry pout: We need you to make your most PETROfied face to show the world just how scared you are of the very real threat of a petroleum spill along our coast.
Here’s how to play:

Take a spillfie: Get creative! There will be a contest…
Caption your spillfie with our two hashtags, your name and your city: For example: “As a surfer, I’m #PETROfied of an oil spill in our Bay. -John, Hermosa Beach #Spillfie”
Tag your spillfie: Be sure to tag us in your pic with @HealtheBay!
Post your spillfie: It works best on Instagram, but feel free to use Facebook and Twitter as well.

While we don’t expect a bunch of funny pictures to change the world, we do believe that the power of sharing pictures can really make waves.

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