The Parents Place Legislative Update – Time for Lunch?

eating-lunch-at-schoolWe’ve heard from many parents who feel that their children don’t have enough time to eat lunch at school and that it impacts their health and performance. The California Legislature is considering a bill (AB2449) to address the issue. It would require that school districts allow every student at least 20 minutes to eat after they have been served.

For those concerned about the fiscal impact of this legislation, AB2449 includes provisions requiring the state to reimburse school districts for any associated costs if it is determined to be a state mandate, and allows for the use of “federally or state-regulated nonprofit school food service cafeteria accounts to defray any allowable costs.”

AB2449 is supported by organizations including the California State PTA, the California Teachers Association, and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

You can read an article about the bill here:

You can find the complete text of AB2449 here:

Contact our Culver City representatives and let them know how you feel:
Culver City is represented by Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas and State Senator Holly Mitchell. You can use the contact forms on their home pages:

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