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10334467_747254158629996_2688199483521843098_nUnited Parents of Culver City, the all-volunteer parent group dedicated to promoting the interests of students in the Culver City Unified School District, strongly urges you to vote YES on Measure CC, the school bond on our June 3rd ballot.

Culver City schools have received statewide and national recognition for the caliber of the education they provide. That’s not only a positive for each and every student – it’s beneficial for each and every homeowner because of its marked effect on property values.

Tight budgets have made it impossible for our district to maintain and upgrade our campuses. That’s unsurprising considering the fact that per student funding for K-12 education in California ranks well below the national average.

Measure CC is the right way to address those needs.

Measure CC is put before the voters as the result of an exhaustive 18-month-long process. It offers our community the opportunity to make our district first-rate in every respect in a fiscally prudent way.

Among other things, Measure CC will:

1) Address basic health and safety needs such as: repairing and replacing plumbing and electrical systems; repairing and/or installing air conditioning systems; removing hazardous materials.
2) Improve the condition and physical integrity of our schools: repairing roofs, ceilings and walkways; renovating the Robert Frost Auditorium; providing outdoor shade and shelter structures where they’re needed.
3) Create modern learning environments: upgrade antiquated science labs; upgrade wiring and networking infrastructure to allow the use of modern technology.
4) Save money: install energy-efficient lighting, heating systems and windows to reduce energy costs.

Bond funding is the most common way to finance extensive improvement programs like the one outlined in the District’s Facilities Master Plan. Like a home mortgage, bonds provide funding up front which is paid back over time. The projects which Measure CC will fund are long-term investments selected so that their useful lives matches the term of the bonds that will fund them.

All Measure CC funds will be spent to improve Culver City schools; they cannot be taken away by the state. The way they are spent will be determined by our elected school board in an open and public process. Funds can only be spent on the projects outlined in the ballot measure itself. A Citizens Oversight Committee will be established to ensure a high level of accountability.

Property owners – commercial and residential alike – will be assessed approximately $48 per $100,000 of the value at which their property is taxed. Because property values have gone up over the years, long-term owners like seniors citizens will pay a smaller assessment than recent buyers – many of whom moved here because of our excellent schools. We believe this is fair.

Assessed value is different from market value. If you’re not sure what your home’s assessed value is you can look it up quickly and easily using the County Assessor’s Property Assessment Information System.

Nearly five years ago voters approved Measure EE, a parcel tax which helping stabilize funding for teachers during the depths of the “Great Recession.” State funding for education has improved since then. Measure EE is set to expire next year, so every tax bill will be reduced by $96. Now is the right time to make this next investment in the future of our students and our city.

Measure CC has earned the support of our community’s leading citizens, as well as organizations including the Culver City City Council, the Culver City Education Foundation, the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, the Culver City Federation of Teachers, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, all CCUSD PTA’s and, of course, United Parents of Culver City.

We urge you to support this critical investment in our schools. By doing so you help ensure our district remains Culver City’s crown jewel, a status which benefits every citizen and property owner alike.

For more information on Measure CC visit http://www.CulverCityKids.org.

For information on United Parents of Culver City visit http://www.UnitedParentsCulverCity.com.

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