UPCC Urges “Yes” Vote on Measure CC

s_topTEMP325x350-2452The Measure CC campaign committee has a great informational video on its website, CulverCityKids.org. The volunteer-produced Public Service Announcement entitled “I’m Voting for Measure CC” offers an effective and engaging overview of the school bond on Culver City’s June 3rd ballot. United Parents of Culver City (UPCC) applauds the committee and encourages all Culver City voters to view the video online.

“CulverCityKids.org has a great deal of information about Measure CC – what it is and what it will do,” said Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin, UPCC’s president. “I’m sure that many people will appreciate the video, since it explains the essentials so well. I’m very proud that it features many of our members and Culver City community members as well and that it was produced by Scott Malsin, our treasurer.”

Regarding Measure CC itself, Ms. Wisnosky Stehlin offered the following: “Considering that California’s per pupil funding ranks 49th out of the 50 states, it’s a real testament to the culture of Culver City that the education our children receive is as good as it is. However, since funding levels are so low, it’s no wonder that it’s been tough for our District to keep up with its facilities maintenance and modernization needs. Measure CC will address those needs and move our District forward.”

United Parents of Culver City encourages a “Yes” vote on Measure CC this June 3rd.

For more information about United Parents of Culver City, visit UnitedParentsCulverCity.com.

About United Parents of Culver City
United Parents of Culver City (UPCC) is a parent-run, grassroots, democratic organization dedicated solely to the interests of our children- the students of Culver City. UPCC members are volunteer leaders from all five elementary schools, CCMS and CCHS and Culver Park. Members are current and former PTA and Booster Club Presidents, trustees of the Culver City Education Foundation and other parent and community leaders.

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