April Fool Fish – Janet Hoult

_70980_april_fool300Back in the 1500’s in France when Charles was king

New Year’s was celebrated at the start of Spring

Charles decreed that the calendar, which had been the Julian

Should become Gregorian and he really wasn’t foolin’

But there were those in Europe who continued to celebrate

On the 1st of April – which was no longer the right date.

So they were teased by others and were called “April Fools”

Because they were not playing by the newly established rules

In France, the fools were called “Poissons d’Avril” for a reason

They could be easily “caught” like the young fish of the season

It is also the Lenten period when people eat fish and fast

And in the signs of the winter zodiac, Pisces is the last

So in France on April 1st, if a joke’s been played on you

Here is my suggestion as to just what you should do.

If someone says “Poisson d’Avril” then runs like a March hare

Check your back to see if you’ve been given a fish to wear..!

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