Dear Editor – Cooper Wins Kudos

Light bulb 0003Dear Editor,
We are writing to publically declare our support for the re-election Jeff Cooper. We have known and supported Jeff for many years because we feel he is exceptionally qualified to represent us on behalf of Culver City. Jeff demonstrates all the qualities we need and desire in a local representative.
He is caring, intelligent, informed, open minded and very diligent in the service he renders to the city. He is also very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to Culver City¹s history, current problems (and achievements!) and future direction. Jeff has tirelessly worked for the city in many guises for the past 12 years. And even in his present incarnation as Mayor, he remains, friendly, attentive, accessible and remarkably modest.
Far be it for him to toot his own horn. So consider us a part of the large Culver City community orchestra who are happy to do that for him! We urge all our friends and neighbors to vote to re-elect Jeff Cooper on April 8th.

Judy Scott
Monika Rogasch

The Actors' Gang

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