Clarke Sparks Volunteer Service Day

-2An extraordinary event happened last month in the courtyard of Culver City High School thanks to the creative thinking and coordination of Councilmember Jim Clarke. It began when Jim spoke to Nick Guthman, Culver High Student Body President, about the service hours students are required to complete before graduation. They discussed ways of making students aware of the non-profit groups in the city. Jim followed up by meeting with the Student Council in December. Finding the best way to accomplish this goal was a task shared with Sierra Smith, External Affairs Manager with Antioch University, which is offering a degree program in non-profit management.
After much planning and coordination with Culver High Principal Dylan Farris, and the school’s Director of Student Activities Carlos Valverde, a Non-Profit Volunteer Service Day was organized on February 7th. Twenty groups participated including museums, animal services, children’s services, music groups, etc. Booths were staffed by representatives of each organization and students were able to visit during fourth period and lunchtime.
The endeavor was highly successful with the students learning about volunteer opportunities, and non-profits connecting with each other finding mutual goals. Plans are in the works to repeat the event in the fall. Jim states, “I was extremely pleased at how well everything went and how much all those involved appreciated the effort we made to help the students and the community. We are looking forward to the next Volunteer Service Day and impacting more students and groups.”
Jim can be contacted by email at [email protected], or through

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