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Six Degrees of Separation Dep’t: As you are probably aware, the Culver City Ice Rink is threatened with closure and there has been a lot of frenzied activity centered around that possibility. From Matthew Hetz, President/Executive Director of the Culver City Symphony Orchestra comes the observation that the ice rink is an icon for Culver City, “…and a place I have very fond memories of since boyhood skating, and falling, with family and friends. I think I am not alone in expressing dismay that the ice rink, a source of fun for all of Southern California, could close.” The Culver City Symphony Orchestra has its own history with the rink too, since the David Letterman Show commissioned short movies from artists, and Michael J. Fox created “The Ice Man Hummeth,” whose theme contrasts a hockey team and a symphony orchestra. It was filmed at Culver City Ice Rink. “While behavior by orchestra musicians is not THAT bad, it is fun to watch,” says Hetz. “Try to pick out which orchestra musicians you know. Conductor Frank Fetta has a speaking role, such as it is.”

And speaking of music, it was so much fun to take out of town family and local friends at Hinano’s last week to enjoy local drummer Sonny B. and his “Hound Dog Dave & the Mel-tones” American Roots and Blues Quartet, with Jerry on guitar. The popcorn, music and ambiance were all good old Hinano’s, but our group was longing for some of the garlic rolls at the C&O so we moved on. What could we do…..?

Damien Goodmon, founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Crenshaw Subway Coalition was the guest speaker at the January 8 Culver City Democratic Club’s General Meeting. An election for the new club officers was also held, but names aren’t available as we go to “press.” Goodmon is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Crenshaw Subway Coalition and United Community Associations (“UCA”). For additional information on this active club’s programs, visit www.culvercitydemocraticclub.com.

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce is announcing that its next trip, “The Heart of Russia” will take place this coming September 3-15, 2014.There will be a special travel presentation detailing cities to be visited on this small river cruise vessel and cost (including air) on Thursday, January 30 at 6:00 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Building. For more information, contact Jaylon Letendre, the Chamber’s Travel Coordinator at [email protected], or call her at (310) 941-3739.

Do you have a pre-schooler who’s suddenly going to be FIVE YEARS OLD this year? My, but the time does fly! For information regarding upcoming Kindergarten Information Nights, where you can learn more about your home school and one of our two dual-language immersion schools. (If you are considering independent study or home-schooling a student in any grade, new on the schedule this year is an information night for the CCUSD iAcademy. The iAcademy is a home-school support program offered through CCUSD.) To visit the elementary school closest to you: La Ballona (English/Spanish) – Thursday, January 23rd, 6-7:00 pm; Linwood Howe – Wednesday, January 29th, 6-7:00 pm; El Rincon – Thursday, January 30th, 6-7:00 pm; CCUSD iAcademy – Tuesday February 4th, 6-7:00 pm; Farragut – Wednesday February 5th, 6-7:00 pm; and El Marino Language (Spanish/Japanese) School – February 6th, 6-7:00 pm. For more information, visit www.ccusd.org.

Nominees for “Best Birthday Celebrant” Oscars this week include Janey Campbell, Mary Ruebsamen, Shirley Hanf, Jane Corey, Jonell MacGregor , Aleksandre Stenshoel, Cherie Parks, Charlotte Gilbert, Cathy Biggs, Erik Espinoza, Wenchao Tao, Lynn Wynbrandt, Alexander von Krogh, Rosanne Giza, Nicholas Larocca, Subashini Rajasekaran ,Roseanne Riebs, Naomi Shadis, Nicole Cousin, Lesley Peters,Veronica Castro, Emily Clark, Renato Limjoco, Pamela Smith-Hudson, Korinne Hinderliter, Judy Kang, Christopher Paul, and Suneetha Parimi. If you’d like to see your or a friend or family member’s birthday here, email [email protected] and we’ll post it!

Having been born and growing up in the “Heart of Screenland” this columnist just naturally inherited her love of the movies. After all, Grandma worked in MGM’s Wardrobe Department, Grandpa was an electrician, and Mom even worked as an extra in “San Francisco” with Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald back in 1936, flailing around in muddy Baldwin Hills playing an earthquake victim. She was proud of the fact that she made $5.00 a day and got a sack lunch toboot! Now this week we’re foregoing our own “extra” work (must be in our genes) to head to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, being joined by Culverite Shirley Miyamoto midweek to recapture the fun we had at the 2010 Festival. So, a warning: next week’s column might just be full of movie trivia and weather (after all, the high up there is expected to be 35 degrees and the low 29 degrees) but we’ll still try to include some Culver City LOCALmotion to keep you posted on what’s going on in Our Town!

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