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While other restaurants have closed and opened around it in the last three years, the crowd at Rush Street seldom dwindles. Still, it’s those rare quiet moments that show what a first-rate eatery it is; after the lunch crowd, before happy hour or the night life kicks into gear, you can enjoy all the great food and drinks and just a little bit of privacy until the next wave of diners drop by.

Stepping in for a late lunch, you may be reminded the Rush Street is justifiably famous for their burgers. The lunch menu offers a burger for everyone – dry aged beef, bison, or mesquite turkey, a felafel burger for the veggie crowd, and even two different seafood burgers; a shrimp, crab and scallop combo, or an ahi tuna burger dressed with sun-dried tomatoes, aioli and tzatziki. This, along side of what my resident expert says are absolutely the best french fries in town (and yes, I’m willing to wager she has eaten every French Fry anywhere available in Culver City, and is an authority that can be respected on this point) is enough of a late lunch to decide to skip dinner. If you want to make this a really Chicago -style meal, order a beer. While I think you can never go wrong with a Guinness, or Stella Artois for something a touch lighter, you can get both of them on tap. If you are into a bottled India Pale Ale, try the Stone IPA or the Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA, or go all the way out for an old fashioned ale and order the Arrogant Bastard. It’s so dark, so rich and so strong, you might feel a bit arrogant just drinking one. It’s also a huge bottle, so sharing is encouraged.

Not into burgers? There are salads and sandwiches just as various and satisfying; one of my favorites is the chopped salad, mixed greens with pecans and cranberries, served with chicken or steak.  Best sandwich? The turkey and Brie with mustard vinagrette and rosemary aioli.

I’m usually over my quota for pizza, but the roasted butternut squash and truffle oil pizza is really not to be missed; add a glass of the Sonoma Russian River Chardonnay, and it’s bliss.

Lunch at Rush Street is always a pleasure. The waitstaff are unfailingly efficient and charming, the meal is delightful, and if you are there at just the right moment, you can even enjoy a bit of quiet on the front patio.

Turning the volume all the way in the other direction – If you are up for a rockin’ New Year’s Eve, Rush Street has it all prepped- dinner, DJ, cocktails and champagne. Call now to get your reservations; one thing you can count on is that Rush Street will be even more popular in 2014.

Rush Street

9546 Washington Blvd.




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