Dear Editor – Voting for Karlo

Dear Editor,
We are very happy to support Karlo Silbiger for re-election to the Culver City School Board. As parents who have been very active in Culver City over the past twelve years, we have had a chance to work with Karlo and get to know him, and we understand what a great resource he is for our community. Karlo is a Culver City local who grew up here and attended Culver City schools. He went on to obtain a Harvard education, and become a teacher himself. His return to Culver City is our community’s great fortune. He cares deeply about our schools and our city, and works tirelessly to maintain and improve our schools and our community.
Two successful causes that Karlo has championed for our school district are the solar initiative, which is expected to generate $8.5 million dollars for our school district’s general fund without raising taxes, and our music and arts programs. In tough financial times, music and art always seem to be in jeopardy of being cut. Yet, studies show how critical these programs are in developing students’ minds, and how much better students succeed when they are exposed to music and art. In 2011, Karlo was the only school board member to vote against eliminating one of our four district-wide music teachers. Fortunately, due to Karlo’s continued support and insistence, the position was restored this year and we again have a thriving music program in our middle school.
As parents, we understand that what really makes our schools great are our wonderful teachers, and it’s important to us that Karlo has the backing in this school board election of the Culver City Federation of Teachers.
We feel lucky to be residents of Culver City, which really is a community where people care about our schools, our city, and each other. Good luck to all of the candidates, and see you at the polls on November 5th.
Bonnie and Matt Seeberger

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