Dear Editor – Final Serve

Please join me on Tuesday 11-5-13 in casting a vote for Kathy Paspalis, Sue Robins and Steve Levin to join on our school board.
Kathy might be the best prepared school board member I have seen over the years. Not only does she come versed in the materials before her, she actively researches with stakeholders in advance. No wallflower, Kathy balances the need for information, input and research with the need for action. Above all, Kathy measures her decisions first by what will benefit the students NOT from political pressures.
Sue Robins bitterly opposed my candidacy a few years back, yet I support her candidacy because she is smart, hard working and comes with a very balanced portfolio. As a active parent volunteer, middle-school science teacher, business woman developing business training and Chamber of Commerce member leading their school support committee, Sue is beholden to no one but her conscience with a child centered focus.
Steve Levin has to be one of the most level headed brilliant people I know. Always with an eye towards what CAN be done to improve educating children, I have seen him craft solutions with divergent forces such that Congress and Sacramento should take lessons. Steve is the person who will keep above the fray with his vision even when all parties have run amok. Sometimes it does take a rocket scientist and for our board I believe he will design a great future for our schools.

Our school board does not design curriculum nor create state policies. Primarily our board sets the direction for the superintendent to implement and steward school budget. Decisions must be made of how to spend money versus how to cut expenses moving forward. Do we invest in technology and teacher training? Do we restore lost positions reducing class sizes to what they were or increase pay beyond the 5 year pay increase plan in place? Do we upgrade our facilities to 21st Century standards or delay until costs are prohibitive? Will these decisions be based upon political whim or children centered.
Vote for Kathy Paspalis, Sue Robins and Steve Levin!!
Alan Elmont

The Actors' Gang

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