Dear Editor – Mailer Considered Comedy

I just saw a recent mailer titled “Our teachers agree” (pictured left) sent out by the teacher’s union. What a joke! I’ve seen that stock photo a million times. Can’t they get enough Culver City teachers to support these people to take a decent picture?

I’ve looked at all the candidates’ websites. It’s easy to see that Paspalis, Robins and Levin are the ones the REAL teachers support. Maybe in their next union election well see that “our teachers agree” to find a new leadership team!

Skye King

The Actors' Gang


  1. I did look long and hard in that photo to find a Lin Howe teacher, or really ANY CCUSD teacher. Couldn’t find one. Kinda weird.

  2. Wow – how very lazy! If the teachers really agree, then taking their picture should be easy enough. Substituting obvious stock photography smacks of laziness – at best.

  3. I don’t think you’ll find a CCUSD teacher or staff member in here, Patrick. Skye King is right that it’s a stock photo…here it is on a web site about real estate investing in Pittsburgh: and also one from the UK about Critical Appraisal Skills Programme workshops:

    I checked the candidate’s web sites to see which ones list support from teachers and staff members. The ones with the most names didn’t match up with the candidates that the union claims the teachers support.

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