Dear Editor – Council Member Clarke Cheers For Paspalis

Dear Editor,
The upcoming School Board election is an important one and I wish to share with readers my reasons for supporting the re-election of Kathy Paspalis. As a City Council member and as someone who regularly has attended school board meetings, I have had the opportunity to watch Kathy up close. I would describe her as decisive, focused and accessible. She has a tremendous work ethic but all of her actions are devoted to improving the quality of education for our Culver City kids. She does her homework and is knowledgeable on the issues and is not afraid to ask tough questions or demand the best from her colleagues and the staff. As Culver City has become a highly desirable place to live and work, a large part of the credit goes to our schools and our school leaders. I am proud to support and vote for Kathy Paspalis.
Jim B. Clarke

The Actors' Gang

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