Dear Editor – Actions Speak Louder

I support Karlo Silbiger’s re-election to Culver City School Board. For me, not a single endorsement carries the weight of Karlo Silbiger’s record of responsiveness and integrity as a member of Culver City School Board.

Not only does he listen and respond when confronted with difficult issues, he is the only candidate who has proactively reached out to parents, students, and the community in regular and special forums to determine our concerns. For the past 4 years, Karlo’s Educational Advisory Committee has included students, teachers, parents, non-parents and business people, who advise him on the issues facing the District and Board. When Lin Howe parents were concerned several years ago about the possible elimination of a kindergarten class, Karlo offered to meet with interested parents, to hear their concerns and frustrations. During my daughter’s high school years, concerns about arts and music education occasionally arose, and Karlo was always the first Board member who offered to meet with myself and other concerned parents.

Karlo always takes time to understand the details of a situation, to speak to people on all sides and to consider carefully all the information before forming an opinion. I appreciate that he makes educated decisions based on what he believes are in the best interests of the students, schools, and community.

Karlo Silbiger’s campaign materials note “He listens, then leads.” Indeed he does, with a measured, respectful and poised attitude.

I urge my fellow Culver City citizens to join me in voting to re-elect Karlo Silbiger on November 5.

Jane Niles

The Actors' Gang

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