Harvesting @ LYFE

*On Wednesday, October 16th, a group of Linwood Howe Students were invited by Leslie Adler at CCEF to help harvest the vegetables in the front of LYFE Kitchen. The event was hosted by LYFE Kitchen and Harvest to Home, a donor of CCEF was on hand to lead the harvest. Harvest to Home provided gift bags with recipe cards attached for the kids to put the herbs and veggies in after the harvest to bring home. Laura Lee, a Linwood Howe parent, coordinated the event gathering the kids together for the harvest. “This week is our fall planting week through our Growing Great program at school and next week we start our nutrition lessons. The Growing Great Program is funded by CCEF through a grant. This opportunity for the kids to come and harvest at Lyfe Kitchen, after learning about planting and eating healthy, whole foods at school, was such a pleasure to be a part of. It ties into what they are learning at school and the kids had so much fun!”, said Lee.

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