Dear Editor – Paspalis, Robins, Levin

I strongly urge you to vote for Kathy Paspalis, Sue Robins, and Steve Levin for School Board. I am a former booster club president, high school parent, and perpetual volunteer who has attended numerous School Board meetings, forums, workshops, and meetings. Based on all of these experiences I know that Kathy, Sue, and Steve are the most qualified candidates in this election cycle. Kathy has shown through her performance on the School Board that she does her homework, is incisive, intuitive, knows when to ask for more information, and is incredibly capable of making decisions in a timely manner. She understands contracts, negotiations, and investigation into details whether it be for capital improvements or educational needs of our student. She is an invaluable asset to our community and deserves re-election. Sue Robins with her background in science, teaching, educational training, and business, along with her time as Farragut PTA President brings a clear insight from the point of view of a teacher, parent, and business person. She is truly qualified to lead our schools toward academic excellence and dealing with issues such as Common Core, infrastructure and budgeting. Steve Levin may be right, sometimes it does take a rocket scientist. With his experience as an astrophysicist at JPL, the leader of an nationwide educational project for NASA, his innumerable hours as a volunteer and booster club president he bring keen insight into budget, management, team-building, and educational needs of our district. On November 5, vote for Kathy Paspalis, Sue Robins, and Steve Levin, numbers 6,7, and 8 on your ballot.


Jamie Wallace

The Actors' Gang

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