Dear Editor – UPCC Under Attack by UTLA

When did parents become the enemy of educating children? Culver City’s school board election has seen some interesting activity. And now LAUSD’s Teacher’s Union has decided to get involved in our local election with a strongly worded letter about how UPCC (United Parents of Culver City) “is out to take over the CCUSD School Board and put into place an anti-union agenda.” They continue to state that UPCC’s has
“well-funded forces that unfairly target teacher unions.”
UPCC is comprised of the same parents that volunteer and lead in the PTA’s and Booster clubs at every school in the district. We are interested in having the best educational experience for all our kids and wish to work in partnership with district employees, teacher and staff to keep our district great. UPCC is about equity for all the
students, not trying to destroy unions.
To add to that, UPCC is far from “well-Funded” all monies come from membership and the occasional fundraiser, no outside interests at all.
Yes, UPCC has some opinionated members, so does everyone who supports a candidate in this campaign! That’s what elections are about in this country – the freedom to express your opinion be it popular or not.
Why did I join UPCC? I want to see more parents vote in school board elections! The numbers are staggeringly low! IF YOU ARE A CULVER CITY PARENT, MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO VOTE ON NOV 5TH.
I am supporting Paspalis, Robins and Levin.
-Maren Neufeld

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