Dear Editor – Goldberg Supports Vizcarra

When we advocate for another person’s abilities, we usually offer support for our contentions. But, what makes my support of one or another candidate more insightful or valuable than someone else’s? Serving on the CCUSD School Board has proven to me that public office and its requirements are very difficult to ascertain prior to election. I am motivated to speak for the unique skills and abilities of school board candidate, Claudia Vizcarra, because she communicates with clarity and honesty. This endorsement stems from my observation of her human interactive skills which are always tolerant and diplomatic.
Our school board operates as a team, and exercising essential interpersonal kindness and generosity are integral to any process of decision-making. Claudia operates on a daily basis with these qualities. Whether she is leading staff for LAUSD School Board VP, Steve Zimmer, or attending her son’s annual spelling bee, she functions with a conscious humanity and consideration. She brings people to solutions on issues of mutual importance. As an intimate to LAUSD problems, she can provide CCUSD with valuable assistance on cross-over issues such as our yearly school start and conclusion dates which are greatly affected by the decisions of LAUSD.
Claudia exercises common sense on all issues. She thinks long and deeply before voicing an opinion, yet she stands upon clear and sustained values. Anyone who interacts with Claudia will come away satisfied that they have been given her full attention and interest. Regardless of her single parent demands, the turmoil of her employment and the intensity of traffic in Los Angeles, Claudia will fulfill her obligations. She is running to add a bit more to her “plate”, but unlike many of us, her obligations are quite integrated. Motherhood, work at another school district and election to the CCUSD School Board seem quite relatable to me.
I hope you will join me in supporting this talented, hard-working woman who seeks a place on the CCUSD Board. In the final analysis, if you give a busy person a task, it’s more likely to be done. Let’s give Claudia Vizcarra a seat on our Board!

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