Clever Vintage Clothing Coming to Helms – Sept. 14

For those who happened to miss the popular “Nothing Over $50” event by the Helms Design District Vintage Boutique, there’s still a chance on September 14, 2013 to grab some amazing vintage at bargain prices while also getting first pick over brand new inventory presented by L.A.’s best vintage dealers. The September show held annually is always a great chance to get the best of both worlds, because some dealers have under-$50 inventory left over while showcasing never-before-seen inventory as well. There’s no need to wait a whole year to find another bargain. The event will be held at the LightSpace Studio in Culver City, Calif. and is perfect for those doing late summer shopping as well as those preparing for the upcoming fall season.

Held five times a year, the Helms Design District Vintage Boutique hosted by Clever Vintage Clothing of downtown Los Angeles has become the not-to-be-missed shopping destination for vintage enthusiasts and fashionistas. And because it’s so easy to attend, people look forward to the entire excursion. There will even be an on-site seamstress advising patrons of ways to repair/re-size garments that need it, and she will make the alterations while they shop! The Girl Scouts of America will cater the event offering their scrumptious cookies and other goodies they are known and loved for.

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  1. Thanks, Judith, for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t see anything in your write-up about time or price, though, so I googled it.

    The event runs from 10a to 2p. Tickets are available at

    I got my tix free, but you could pay $2.50 or $5 each, depending on how fast they are given away or sold out.

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