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Pizza and salad has been one of my favorite meals for years. It takes a tweak of genius to create a salad pizza, but that’s what they offer at Grey Block Pizza. Once part of the larger chain Abbott’s PizzaGrey Block split off on it’s own and has kept the corner of Sepulveda and Braddock from being doomed to corporate fast-food purgatory. As someone who still misses the amazing mushroom soup once served at La Dolce Vita, salad pizza is not just ideal solace, but an even better treat.

Grey Block offers two types of wonderful pizza, Specialty Pies (such as Salad Pizza, the Picante Pollo and the Hunter) and the ultra-traditional New York Pies (the basic sauce and cheese and choose your toppings) both of them top-notch. I have fed pizza snobs from New York and Chicago at Grey Block, and they inevitably end the meal with exclamations that THIS is not mere LA pizza- this is the work of masters. One of them looked around the back for the Fed-Ex truck; pizza this good cannot be local to SoCal, it must have been imported.

Satisfying your pizza cravings is often a matter of making good choices, and Grey Block has plenty of choices to please – Six different offerings for crust, seven kinds of sauce, more than a dozen types of cheese (including two of my major favorites, gorgonzola and gruyere) and options for carnivores that include tequila-lime marinated chicken and even tuna salad.

But the best, the absolute perfect pie, is the salad pizza. A thick and crunchy cheese- sour-cream-and-onion crust topped with greens, avocados, and the perfect touch of  lemon-olive oil dressing.

So, make some good choices, and you can even get them delivered to your door.


4410 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
open daily 11am – 10pm

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