Solar Power Comes to Culver City Schools

As part of the myriad of campus improvements occurring throughout the Culver City Unified School District this summer, the District’s solar power projects are beginning to take shape. The solar array locations slated for development include Culver City High School, Farragut Elementary School and one in the parking lot adjacent to Culver Park High School.

Construction fences are now in place, and drilling operations have commenced to install the supports for the panel arrays. The solar panels will provide shade for students at Farragut Elementary School in addition to providing solar power for school district operations, thereby reducing the District’s utility costs. The solar panels will also provide the District with an alternative energy source to reduce our reliance on the use of non-renewable fossil fuels to generate electricity to support our educational programs.

Some of the existing basketball hoops and the ball walls will be moved to another location within the play area to accommodate the solar panels, said Mike Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, who added that steps are also being taken to preserve the fifth-grade Legacy Mural for relocation. Mr. Reynolds added, “We intend to use this as an opportunity to address other playground interests and needs and have been communicating with Rebecca Lynch, Farragut’s new principal.”

“The installation of solar panel arrays in the majority of our parking lots obviously creates a major challenge in terms of our ability to provide parking for all staff, students and visitors,” Reynolds said. “We have worked out a good drop-off and pick-up procedure for the various summer programs operating within the area of Farragut Elementary School thanks to the efforts of Veronica Montes, the parents, and our security team.”

The City of Culver City is working closely with the District to help ensure that an adequate parking and drop-off/pick-up plan is in place when school resumes on August 26. Special thanks to Gabe Garcia for his support in this effort.

“We are looking forward to working together with the City of Culver City, our schools, our parents, and our neighbors to meet this challenge with the knowledge that we are creating a very worthwhile outcome for our district and environment,” Reynolds said. He added that a plan is place to communicate with staff and families as school approaches. “As work progresses, we will have a better idea of the timeline, parking/drop-off implications and will aggressively communicate in the weeks leading up to the start of school.”

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